Complex IT Services

We do not sell our clients a product or a service. We offer every firm professional tools supporting the owner and management in making business decisions, supplying full financial analysis of the firm. Thanks to the tools we implement, a firm can see in detail the areas of income which bring profit and be warned of eventual threats which may appear in the future stages of product development, service and distribution. Thanks to the applications we have created, employees in our clients' firms can concentrate on their main working tasks and automatically undertaking simple mechanical actions; they do not become a part of the threat. A great number of our clients admit that without our tools they could not imagine their organizations functioning.

Sales Director, Synthelix Sp. z o.o.

Synthelix IT Centre

Synthelix IT Centre guarantees a wide range of services connected to IT infrastructure management.

We concentrate on 5 areas of functional IT outsourcing and system implementation for trade representatives:

System Integration Services Post-deployment Care Data Storage Services

System Integration Services

Post-deployment Care

Data Storage Services

The aim of integration is the development of a safe and effective system which assures fast access as well as reliability, efficiency and totality of management information...

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We guarantee efficient system service and consistent system implementation work. The growth of a firm is an ongoing process. Changes takes place every day, which is why ...

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We have made the Data Center system available to clients. It is a complex system for management IT structures. Data Center in Synthelix IT Centre is adaptable as a full and professional...

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Hosting Training Sales Systems for Partners



Sales Systems for Partners

We offers its clients a computer equipment hosting service, along with operating systems and additional programming. Synthelix clients can make use of services according to...

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Synthelix offers training courses, seminars and conferences. These are supplementary elements to the implementation of abas Business and the integration of IT systems....

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We delivers solutions supporting transactions through the optimization and automation of the relationship between partners during B2B integration. System integration assures...

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Such a wide range of services allows complete solutions related to IT environment maintenance. The services are undertaken by an experienced team of administrators, trainers, consultants and data protection experts:

Our employees' priority is maintaining the highest possible standards in accordance with service quality standards ISO 20000 and ISO 27000.

We assure our clients:
  • the highest standard of infrastructure management;
  • access to the latest technology and IT knowledge;
  • optimization and transparency of costs;
  • a significant reduction on expenditure for technical infrastructure and equipment;
  • a high level of security;
  • limited work costs;
  • time saving and the ability to spend time on the day to day running of the business.

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