We develop custom software solution when out of the box products do not satisfy the customers, or integrate existing solutions having in mind optimal and complete solution.



IT Centre

The wide range of services catered for in our IT Centre allows us to offer our clients complete solutions, shorten implementation time and simultaneously lessen the number of service providers.


is an innovative solution with a diverse range of uses for principals, school teachers, students and parents in Poland. From now on marks will be accessible on the registers at any time and in any place with web coverage.

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Synthelix is a firm which has been dealing with specialized IT services new technologies for several years. From the very beginning the foundation of the company has been a high class of specialists; thanks to professional management they are able to quickly produce measureable effects. An innovative and rapidly perceived approach to technological problem solving now pays dividends in number of international projects.

Our philosophy assumes that the challenges facing us are only a step on the path towards creating the technology of the future.
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