Work is a chance for self-realization

Upon starting a new job, each of us is full of hope that it will fulfill our expectations, that we will gain new skills and familiarize ourselves with new international markets and new technologies. When we employ someone we open up all of these doors. Because of clearly defined working principles and the competence of employees in each position, work becomes one of life's pleasures and not only an essential.
The team which we have created in Synthelix works in an environment of mutual support and is geared towards solving tasks for our clients. The career path is open for all of our employees.

El¿bieta Mnich
Board Vice-president, Synthelix Sp. z o.o.

Career Path

Synthelix marks out a path for its employees so that they may achieve professional perfection within their occupational sphere.

The basic principle of our employees is planning and taking sequential steps along the path of self-development and attaining occupational promotions.

The Synthelix career path is determined by:
  • undertaking team and individual tasks;
  • the organizational structure of the company;
  • a cycle of training;
  • a motivational remuneration system.

This career path is open to all employees. Those who are ambitious and are searching for new possibilities and challenges will achieve professional success.

Synthelix career path

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