The Synthelix Philosophy

I already understood at university that new technology, constant education and hard work form the basis of every success and that success motivates us to achieve further growth. After several years of international experience in the IT field, I decided to establish my own firm within which the idea of success would become motivation for employees and a source of client satisfaction. Nowadays every new project and every meeting with new people is yet another experience which inspires new ideas. This formula for characteristic growth through perpetual motion moves me every day and makes me hungry for the next success.

Bartosz Mnich
Board Chairman, Synthelix Sp. z o.o.


Synthelix is a firm which has been providing international specialized IT services and new technologies for years.

The knowledge of a high class of specialists has formed the base of our company from the very beginning; Synthelix now consists of a finely-tuned team of specialists in IT, telecommunications, finance, accountancy, tax law, economic law and management.

With the aid of cutting edge technology, we create information tools for our clients, which allow them to make the most effective and profitable business decisions.


Synthelix is, above all else, a perfect organization utilizing the potential of our team to the quantifiable benefit of our clients

Occupational experience at Synthelix

Educational qualification at Synthelix

Quality Policy

The highest quality of service, coupled with data protection, is our highest priority. Our intention is to fully satisfy every client who contacts us. We are aided in this by constant monitoring of the market and utilizing new technology.

For this reason we make use of a management system which assures us the highest quality during every phase of project realization. We undertake all tasks in accordance with industry standards ISO 20000 and ISO 27001. Thanks to this our clients find us to be a responsible partner able to fulfill their greatest requirements.

The results of our policy are:
  • exceptionally short time of project realization;
  • high level of diligence regarding client needs;
  • great amount of experience in integration and implementation;
  • well-trained and motivated staff geared towards project fulfillment driven by the client's wishes;
  • shared vision of success;
  • systematic improvement of the quality of our business partners' products.
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